The simple, secure, open source configuration and secrets manager.

Protect API keys, credentials, and other secrets with end-to-end encryption.

Organize, de-duplicate, and sync config wherever it's needed.

Thousands of engineers rely on EnvKey.

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☠️ Prevent security incidents. Keep secrets away from code, email, chat, and browsers.

🛳 Ship faster. Prevent config bugs and keep environments in sync.

🐎 Tame your config. Prevent duplication and sprawl. Control access. Log everything.

🛠 Integrate anywhere. Works with every language, platform, and host.

Integrate easily and securely with any language.


$ npm install envkey --save

import 'envkey'

// That's it. process.env contains the latest config.
var stripe = require('stripe')(process.env.STRIPE_SECRET_KEY)

$ pip install envkey

import envkey

# That's it. os.environ contains the latest config.
stripe.api_key = os.environ['STRIPE_SECRET_KEY']
Ruby On Rails

gem 'envkey'

$ bundle install

# That's it. ENV contains the latest config.
Stripe.api_key = ENV['STRIPE_SECRET_KEY']


$ go get

import _ ""

// That's it. Access the latest config with os.Getenv
stripe.Key = os.Getenv("STRIPE_SECRET_KEY")

$ composer require envkey/envkey-php 

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php'; // Include the Composer autoloader

// That's it. Access the latest config with getenv
$stripe = new \Stripe\StripeClient(getenv('STRIPE_SECRET_KEY'));
Any language with envkey-source

$ envkey-source -- any-shell-command$ envkey-source -- command
# That's it!# That's it! Your command runs with the latest environment variables.

More ways to use envkey-source ˯

Autocomplete and type checking for environment variables in your IDE.

envkey-vscode in action

Works with 46 languages and counting.

Uncompromising security.

Zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption with out-of-band verification ensures that no host, server, employee, or third party (including EnvKey) ever has access to your organization's secrets, unless it is specifically granted.

EnvKey protects secrets from insider threats, ex-employees, data breaches, browser extensions, third party services, and server compromise.

Reliable and redundant.

For EnvKey Cloud and Business Self-Hosted, redundancy across availability zones and regions allows us to guarantee >99.99% uptime for loading secrets and config.

EnvKey has eliminated a class of problem which absolutely plagued us, especially on new fast-moving projects, where you can't afford to lose half a day debugging some cryptic error message because there just happens to be a random new env var.

Gabriel Fortuna
Founder, Zero One

EnvKey has been such a lifesaver for our team at Soundstripe. Onboarding new developers was instantly streamlined as far as environment setups are concerned, and configuring servers has been simplified dramatically. We're hooked!

Trevor Hinesley
CTO, Soundstripe

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU. EnvKey has solved a major problem for us, in managing our secrets really well. We rolled it out across our dev, staging and production environments yesterday, and it was a smooth, 15 minute process.

Devan Sabaratnam
Founder, HRPartner

Multi-layered security.

Audit logs
Artboard 23 Easy access control
Trusted IPs

Enhanced productivity.

Version control
Powerful, scriptable CLI
Environment branches
noun_boxes_3254207 Created with Sketch. Stackable config blocks
Custom environments
Environment inheritance
007 - Laptop Local development overrides
Conflict resolution
Change hooks

Flexible hosting.

Turn-key self-hosting
Multi-region redundancy
Behind-your-firewall mode

Advanced user management.

SCIM directory sync

See it in action.

Watch Dane integrate EnvKey with an app in just a few minutes.

Integrate in minutes. Make security the path of least resistance.